It is EASY to Rent a Space 

1. Click on RENT STORAGE tab. Measure carefully! Choose your SPACE.            

2. Click on Payment - fill out your information. Be SURE to include Emergency and Second Phone numbers. In case of an emergency these are critical. 

3. Fill out your vehicle information. Fill out insurance information. ALL vehicles, boats, RV's, Trailers or anything stored MUST be insured by the owner. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

4. Read AGREEMENT and click to "sign".   Be aware there is NO REFUND if you move out before the end of the month; A LATE fee will occur at 5 days over due; Automatic LOCK OUT will occur at 14 days over due, UNLOCK will occur automatically with payment.  

5. Click on Payment to fill out payment information. Auto-Pay is required with a Credit Card or Bank Draft. 

6. Receive and record your personal LOT ENTRY code - keep this information SAFE. 

7. Go to Lakeside Storage - Type in your secure personal entry code SLOWLY followed by the # sign. Keypad is sensitive. Enter the Lot. 

9. Help keep the lot secure. Prevent Tailgating entry. IF a vehicle is following you to enter, stop inside the gate and wait for the gait to close, so keypad entry will be required. REPORT any suspicious activity immediately.

10. Exit is automatic and requires no code. SLOWLY approach the gate to exit. Gate will open automatically. 

11. See Lakeside Storage Rules