Lakeside Storage


A few rules will help make this your experience peaceful and safe. Enjoy your time here and with your family!

1. Keep space clean. Take your trash with you.

2. When backing into your space STOP three feet away from the fence. Damages to fence from trailer hitch will be the responsibility of the renter.

3. Monthly Fee is due the FIRST of each month. Autopay is required. A Late Fee of 15.00 will be charged if monthly fee is 5 days late. If a account is unpaid AFTER 15 DAYS automatic Lock out will occur unless contact has been made with the office with payment.

4. A Transfer Fee of 30.00 and a call to the office is required to move to a another available space after initial sign up.

5. Each rented space is for ONE item, as stated and listed in the Agreement. No additional trailers, boats, RV's, travel trailers, jet ski's, motorbikes, vehicle, or any type of recreational vehicle may be added.

6. In order to ensure safety for everyone, ALL boats, RV's, vehicles or equipment MUST have Wheel Chock Block Stops in place behind back wheels from the time of first storage and continuously throughout storage at ALL times. No exceptions.

7. Boats, RV's, Vehicles and Equipment MUST be locked by the owner. Motors must be locked to the boat.

8. Boats, RV's, vehicles and equipment MUST be insured by the owner. No exceptions.

9. Monthly payment must be received within 5 days of due date by electronic bank draft or credit card. REMEMBER: There will be No REFUND if you move out before the last day of the month.

10. Dogs are not allowed free in the lot.

11. Children must be under constant adult supervision at ALL times. Moving vehicles and electronic gate equipment are DANGEROUS. KEEP AWAY FROM THE GATE AREA.

12. No subleasing of the space.

13. Keep your secure access code secure. Change your code by going to the website to request a change in access code if necessary. Anyone other than the renter of the space with ownership of the gate access code will be assumed to have permission and authorization of the owner. Lakeside Storage will not verify identification of those entering the premises.

14. Do not block access to the gate entrance.

15. No one is allowed on the pond dam or perimeter for any reason. Trespassing violations will be enforced by the full extent of the law.

16. There is no office on site. Questions may be directed to 919-261-5067

17. No biking, playing, skateboarding, or open play of any type are allowed in the lot.

18. Absolutely Forbidden. NO camping in your vehicle. This NOT a RV or Trailer Campsite. The lot is not approved by the county for on site camping or stay in a vehicle. Insurance will not allow on site camping or staying in your vehicle.

19. There is NO ELECTRIC supply available for charging batteries or other use.

20. No gasoline, antifreeze, or oil storage.  Take storage containers with you. Do not leave in your boat, RV or vehicle.

21. Lakeside Storage has high quality security fencing, keypad secure access, site LED flood lighting, and video surveillance cameras as a security package. While every effort to prevent theft and/or vandalism will be made, we cannot guarantee 100% prevention. Please report any suspicious activity immediately by calling Wake County Sheriff's Department at  911 and calling LSS at 919-261-5067

Thank you,

Lakeside Storage